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Nicholas Jovisa, CEO

We had spent £12,000 in 6 months of advertising in a magazine and got no leads.  Steve looked at our advert.  Told us to change the headline and within 30 days the new advert generated 5 leads and sales of £2,000,000!! from 10mins of his advice.

Seamus Parfrey, Director

We Have Been Using Steve's Training For Just 3 Months And In That Brief Time, We Have Seen Our Average Number Of Monthly Leads Increase By A Whopping 64.7%
What's Included?
The Best Ever Webinar System
Learn How To Build An Effective Webinar System
One of the keys to webinar success is ensuring that the right people sign up and that a significant number of those people attend.

In order to do this, you need to ensure that delegates not only turn up, but turn up with a high level of enthusiasm and that they are really, really looking forward to your webinar.

In this book i will show you some of the ways you can ensure that more people turn up to your webinar!

Mastering Pay-Per Click
The Secrets Of Highly Effective PPC Advertising
Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is one of the best forms of marketing on the planet, but like all marketing, it can be done well, or badly. 

Implementing PPC effectively can create instant, significant traffic to your website and an on-going torrent of leads for your business. If done badly, it can cost you a fortune in clicks, with no or little reward. 

In this book i go into one of the biggest mistakes businesses make and how you can take advantage and truly maximise on PPC!
Tried, Tested and Proven Headline Formulae
Changing, or testing headlines can often play a significant part in changing the results that you get from your marketing and I have known changing a headline to double, or triple response rates.

Without an effective headline, you may miss out on thousands of pounds in revenue and daliy activity. So you must understand just how important it is to hook your customers in your business.

In this book, I will show you some of the most effective headlines i have used for my business which always got me and my clients great results!
The Power Of Geo-Fencing
The Amazing Marketing Strategy You Never Knew About
If you are new to Geo-fencing, don’t fear, as I’ll be going through this concept, so that hopefully, you will have a good idea on what it is and how geo-fencing can help you in your business. 

This form of marketing is an essential tool, and because everyone is on their mobile these days, you should be using this for your business. 

In this book I will deep dive into the true effectiveness of Geo-Fencing and how you can create a virtual boundary for your customers!
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